Representatives from more than twenty-five agencies, brand advertisers, and social media companies are joining to form the Social Media Advertising Council (SMAC(TM)), an industry association designed to set the first standards for buying and measuring marketing in social media.

I recently saw an article in an e-newsletter I get where three "experts" from large and well-known tech companies shared their opinions about the best ways to measure the ROI of social media investments.

Across 17 markets of the world, well over half the population (58%) do not know what social networking is, according to a study released by Synovate.

JupiterResearch has found that an increasing number of retailers are using social media to target teens and young adults during the 2008 back-to-school shopping season. As a result, social media has emerged as an important marketing platform as many retailers use the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook to carry-out their marketing campaigns.

Communispace announced the findings of their proprietary research on Hispanic behavior in Spanish-speaking private online communities. This original research revealed a number of trends that validate the effectiveness of using online mediums such as communities and social networks to reach Hispanic audiences. The research also offers strategic guidance for doing so more effectively.

Think of them as digital water coolers—surrounded by thousands of workers engaged in serious business conversations.

Do business and socializing mix?

comScore, Inc. released a study of worldwide usage of social networking sites, indicating that while the growth in new users in North America is beginning to level off, it is burgeoning in other regions around the world.

With the rise of social media, the speed and reach of word of mouth with respect to consumer products and services is increasing by orders of magnitude.

There are plenty of available contact points with teens on social sites (friends, gifts, games -- you name it), but no proven method of engaging the throngs of teens hanging out in those increasingly popular virtual malls.

My article last week, "Social Media Demands A Reinvented Agency,"> has drawn out a great dialogue that the marketing and advertising industry needs to have, and I am really glad to be a part o

Traveling during the last 10 days, I have had 26 meetings and two speaking engagements.

Social networking is an integral part of the Internet and will not be going away, however, after 13 years in the United States, revenue generation is not what it was once predicted to become, reports In-Stat.

Ever go to one of those panels where most of the answers can be summed up as "it depends," "not sure," or "we're just not there yet"? On one hand, it's a great sign because it means you've stumbled on an honest bunch of panelists.

What role should social media play in a marketer's media plan? It's funny that something with the word "media" in its name isn't a shoe-in as a line item on most media plans.

Facebook took the college scene by storm. Boomers may be another story.

Less than one-quarter of US Internet users ages 40 and over use social networking Web sites, according to the JWT BOOM/ThirdAge "Boomers, Healthcare and Interactive Media" study conducted last month.