comScore, Inc. reported the results of the first study of its cross-media panel of PC and mobile Internet users in the U.S., finding that light PC Internet users are 30 percent more likely than heavy PC Internet users to use their mobile devices to access Internet content.

MEF has identified what members see as the biggest trends facing the mobile entertainment industry in 2009. These include the ‘iPhone effect’ and greater pricing transparency for consumers. However, once again MEF predicts that mobile advertising won’t quite take off.

Social networks are going mobile as aficionados tap into and update their profiles on the run. If mobile music services integrated some social network features, they too might gain more traction among consumers.

According to a new report by The NPD Group, a leading market research company, 45 percent of U.S. mobile phone users prefer to use their mobile phones to make calls, and not for other available multimedia features.

Terra is expanding its distribution of multimedia content with a special mobile edition of and Terra TV for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) announced the publication of its Mobile Banking Overview; an educational resource designed to provide analysis of the unique marketing opportunities and attributes that the mobile channel represents for the financial sector. Key subjects include market size, consumer-focused mobile banking products and services, and the mobile media channels available to banks and other financial institutions. It also provides considerations for optimizing mobile banking communications and campaign effectiveness within each channel.

As mobile operators have seen the average revenue per user (ARPU) decrease, they have sought to boost revenue via new value-added services; however, the most profitable data service is still text messaging, reports In-Stat.

ImpreMedia announced that it will market Televisa’s mobile content to the Hispanic community in the U.S. through a partnership with globefish, an innovative solutions provider in digital and mobile content distribution and advertising.

10.3 million U.S. mobile subscribers use mobile video, which still leaves 214 million U.S. mobile subscribers who don’t. In the markets in which Nielsen tracks video over phones, the U.S. is tops in terms of penetration, but at 5%, the medium is far behind even other mobile media. Three key developments in the space could fuel considerable growth in the market.

Annual revenues from the global mobile market will top US$1.03 trillion by 2013, when the number of subscriptions worldwide will have risen to more than 5.3 billion, according to Informa Telecoms & Media.

At least one-half of the planet has a mobile phone. It could go past 100% someday.

One of the top questions I'm asked from both colleagues and clients is, "Why doesn't our html email render properly on my mobile phone?"

Ping Mobile announced a partnership with impreMedia to offer unique mobile marketing and advertising options to its media clients using Ping Mobile's flagship PingRewards platform.

According to a new report by The NPD Group - 45 percent of U.S. mobile phone users prefer to use their mobile phones to make calls, and not for other available multimedia features.

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) released version 3.4 of its Consumer Best Practices (CBP) Guidelines for Cross-Carrier Mobile Content Services in the U.S. Updated twice annually, the guidelines have become the de facto standard for cross-carrier mobile content services, including text messaging, multi-media messaging, shortcode programs, mobile web and more.