Chief Outsiders released the results of their second annual CMO survey on what to expect this year in market trends and company growth.

There’s no doubt 2020 was a remarkable year – in the literal sense rather than the positive. Individuals, businesses, brands, governments and society have been tested like never before, and it is clear that the upheaval we saw early in the year is set to continue well into 2021.


The U.S. is rich in complicated history and diversity. While we may contend with a divisive society, Gen Z, could be key to bringing us together and elevating brand standards at the same time. As the first multicultural majority generation, Gen Zers under 18 are fueling culture plus interpreting and reinventing the American theme—and that is having an impact on Main Street and on Wall Street.  By: Nancy Tellet, CMC Research Chair, Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Council

Why Advertisers Can’t Afford To Stop Advertising

Designing great customer experiences is getting easier with the rise of predictive analytics.

Client Heads endure the daily combat of client-agency relationships. They get no glory for their efforts or sacrifices. They suffer the consequences of scope of work increases, fee reductions, inadequate resources and relationship threats. They hold the line and try to keep things from getting worse. They're on their own. This is not right -- agency transformations depend on Client Head successes in battle. Client Heads are receiving inadequate support from their leaders.

Consumers are paying more attention than ever to how companies navigate social and racial justice issues and reward brands that align with their values. Getting it right, though, can be a daunting task, even for experienced brand managers.  By Roy Eduardo Kokoyachuk- ThinkNow

Undoubtedly, this past year has been unusually tough in every aspect of our lives. We have all had to adapt to new and increasingly digital ways to live, work, educate, shop and entertain. Work from home, lockdowns, restrictions and remote education due to COVID-19 hastened the consumer jump in media usage and streaming video.

Today’s multicultural teens and parents ages 25-49 have little tolerance for being disrespected by brands. According to a recent study by the Cultural Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing (CMC), more than half of people ages 13 to 49 have quit a culturally illiterate brand, saying it offended them or disrespected their values—that number skyrockets to 72 percent among Black female parents  ages 25 to 49. Thirty percent of teens and adults who have already quit a brand also said advertising adjacent to offending content was the reason for a brand break-up.  By Nancy Tellet, CMC Research Chair, Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Council

Marketers have entered an age of uncertainty, facing more roadblocks to measurement than ever before. The media landscape is becoming increasingly complex, with the explosion of different channels and data sources posing measurement challenges.

60% of customers question repeat purchases; Extensive study reveals the truth about what makes people want to buy from brands agai

Marketers still lack the skillsets and metrics needed for long-term success in a discipline often at odds with traditional advertising

Take the chart from my article about how purchase decisions are made, wrap it into a circle, and you get the buyer cycle shown above. Profitable brand growth is the result of applying effective marketing pressure at each point of the buyer cycle. Brand building advertising is important to get people into the cycle and keep them in it, but it does not guarantee profitable growth on its own.  By Nigel Hollis

The COVID pandemic is having a dramatic and potentially lasting impact on business travel among U.S. marketers, according to a new ANA study.

Media is one of the key strategic pillars in any marketing strategy. Progressive marketers view media as an investment that will drive business growth in both the short and long term, and this is elevating media as a focus for Chief Marketing Officers.