Latinos wield formidable economic clout.

Through Deloitte’s innovative research, we are examining the current reality of inclusion in the workplace and key challenges that are impeding corporate America's efforts.

Return on Investment (ROI), the holy grail of finance metrics, is often a sign of low sophistication in marketing efforts. In the advertising world, return on ad spend is often referred to as ROI. This usage of ROI is only looking at sales revenue and ad spend, not taking into account the cost of the sale or any other costs beyond advertising spend.

Radio is such a ubiquitous commute companion that when many Americans were asked to work from home earlier this year due to COVID-19, the industry wondered how Americans would listen.

Zoom burnout does not mean spending less time on video calls. It means rethinking the way we show up, interact, and conduct business in a virtual space. We can re-imagine dull, endless team meetings as playful interactions that bring people closer together. It’s time to put more fun into Zoom.  By Rosemary Ravinal - Video Conference Trainer | Presentation Coach | Media Host | Public Speaker

For the past 60 years, Business Wire has worked in conjunction with media outlets, large and small, around the globe. As the world changes, so does journalism. In 2020, reporters and organizations are looking for more authentic stories to tell. Taking this one step further, reporters are not interested in telling an organization’s story, they are interested in telling a story their audiences want to read.

If you are a recent college graduate, chances are you have taken several classes that you believe will help prepare you for your first job. Unfortunately, most of what you need to succeed in your work involves skills you never took a class to acquire. And that can complicate the application process.

However, as I have often found when writing posts over the last 14 years, the subject matter got away from me and I ended up with a summation of what all brands should do to drive profitable brand growth.  by Nigel Hollis

Clipped by shrinking budgets and C-suite demands to demonstrate ROI for all their expenditures, marketers now face a curveball the likes of which they have never seen before: dealing with the marketing impact of COVID-19 and radical changes in consumer behavior. There will be winners and losers when the dust settles, and the media-spending decisions that marketers make now will have implications well into the future.

The WGAW’s Inclusion and Equity Group has released its third Inclusion Report to call attention to the lack of inclusion and equity in the entertainment industry, providing detailed data on the status of writers from historically underrepresented groups.

Fast-paced changes have upended FMCG/CPG operations. Predicting demand today is increasingly complex given ongoing shifts in consumer behavior. Does your data re ect pandemic-driven shifts, or tell you what to plan for next?

NGL Collective has announced a strategic partnership with Data Management Platform, INFINIA, to offer advertisers greater one-to-one brand connections with the digitally-connected U.S. Latinx audience. 

US states are pulling various levers to address rising drug prices. An analysis of public databases and interviews with experts show us the areas under focus, the stakeholders that could be affected, and what strategies they should consider.

The coronavirus outbreak has significantly harmed the finances of U.S. Hispanics. As the nation’s economy contracted at a record rate in recent months, the group’s unemployment rate rose sharply, particularly among Hispanic women, and remains higher among Hispanic workers than U.S. workers overall.

No longer shareholder-centric, today’s true CEO exceptionalism calls for leaders who are nimble and innovative—visionaries who model trust and empathy and embrace creative tension in the face of an ever-changing business landscape.