The Circulo Creativo just announced the winners of the 2019 U.S. Hispanic Young Lions Competition.

During the Billboard Latin Music Awards telecast on Telemundo, Pepsi premiered a new national television advertisement starring award-winning actor John Leguizamo.

As ads during this year's Super Bowl featuring Harrison Ford, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jeff Bridges show, brands can still get a great deal of impact with a high-profile campaign featuring the right celebrity spokesperson. But what is changing is how brands are hiring and activating celebrity endorsers, especially as digital and social channels provide fans more access to celebrities they're eager to get content from, even in the form of an ad.

IM+C, a communication agency with offices in London, Barcelona and Madrid, announced the opening of its new office in Miami, located in the heart of Miami’s Design District.

By Gonzalo López Martí - Creative director, etc. /

  • The global consulting behemoth Accenture acquired Droga5.
  • Droga5, in case it doesn’t ring a bell, is a darling of the creative firmament if there ever was one, up there with Wieden & Kennedy, 72 & Sunny and a few others.

The right music makes or breaks an ad. A carefully chosen song can enhance an ad's memorability, emotive power, and informativity. A 2015 study by Nielsen found that ads that incorporated music performed better across four key metrics: creativity, empathy, emotive power, and information power. While licensing popular songs can come with a hefty price tag, music, the study points out, can deliver significant returns for brands.

Women, men, children, babies – we all love to laugh, right? Most people generally enjoy a good joke, a funny story and embrace a reason to smile. A great piece of advertising can often be the source of that giggle, so why do so few ads featuring women try to be funny?  by  Kate Ginsburg

Havas Media through its new “Power” series aims to explore the role media plays and to uncover “what matters.” Which are the moments that make a difference as we try to connect brands with audiences? What are the most meaningful media?

By Gonzalo López Martí - Creative director, etc /

  • We’ve all heard the conventional wisdom by now:
  • “If the product is free, you are the product.”
  • “You might think you watch Netflix or Instagram, but Netflix & Instagram are actually watching you.”
  • And so on and so forth.

The belief that consumers crave more targeted, personalized ads has become a digital advertising mantra. But it’s not entirely true.

If I asked a group of ad planners what the one thing they most want from their creative partners, it’d be ‘collaboration.’  That's because, like it or not, there is a deep insecurity lurking that whatever brilliant brief we arrive at will be completely ripped apart — or worse, ignored — by the creative people it is intended to inspire. Maybe it’s the intangibility of strategy — its ambiguity in the creative process — that makes us seek any evidence of our value to others.  By Ed Tsue- Anomaly / Group Strategy Director / Managing Director

Daren Poole, Global Head of Creative at Kantar, recently asked on Kantar’s Workplace what people thought of an article by Zac Martin, writing in Mumbrella, which tells us to not sweat the big idea. So, is the big idea dead, misunderstood, or as important as ever?  by Nigel Hollis

Circulo Creativo USA is increasingly consolidated as the only organization that works to improve creativity and unite Hispanic American creative talent in the United States, after the successful completion of the first "A week after the Super Bowl" event that brought together the advertising creative industry simultaneously in six different cities across the country.

Casanova // McCann announced the hire of Marco Antonio Muñoz as Executive Creative Director. He will support the agency’s creative leadership under Chief Creative Officer Elias Weinstock.

Super Bowl LIII Ads, Much Like the Game's Punts, Are a Big Blur.  By Liz Castells, President, Infusion by Castells Advertising