June 30, 2013

Beginning in August, the UniMás network will debut two action-packed series featuring provocative characters and absorbing storylines that delve deep inside the worlds of soccer and boxing.
“La Selección” (The Team) – Based on one of the most inspiring true stories in all of soccer history, this series depicts the dramatic rise of the Colombian National Team to international fame and glory during a turbulent period of violent drug wars and domestic terrorism. Through the very personal experiences of the squad’s four principal players, who went on to become national heroes and highly-paid international soccer stars –“El Pibe” Valderrama, Freddy Rincón, René Higuita, and Faustino Asprilla– the series follows the National Team’s unexpected ascent to global prestige as it faces countless obstacles, both on and off the field, and finally takes Colombia to the World Cup after obtaining a historic 5-0 qualifying victory over its biggest rival, Argentina.
“Cloroformo” (Chloroform) - Proving that life can throw its hardest punches outside the ring, this gritty, no-holds-barred series focuses on five boxers, one of them a young woman, who train at a run-down urban gym in Mexico City. Their personal dreams and demons, victories and defeats, passions and frustrations,  make for truly gripping drama that unfolds against the oftentimes seedy backdrop of the highly competitive –and far from painless– world of professional boxing.     

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