With the 10th Hispanic Radio Conference just two weeks away, what better way for marketers and stations owners to understand the power of Spanish-language radio is there than to speak with an actual listener? RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson did this in Weston, Fla., and here's what he found.


For the first time in broadcast history, the FIFA Women's World Cup will be broadcast live on US Radio. In a collaborative effort between KWKW Radio Los Angeles and right holders Futbol de Primera, the FIFA Women's World Cup will air on Spanish Radio this summer.

Digital influencer marketing — the use of celebrities, online personalities, niche uber-enthusiasts, and digital content creators to feature products and services through authentic, native storytelling on social media platforms — is on the rise.

Bottom line time: If you don’t have Hispanics in your audio media plan, you’re missing out.

Spanish-language radio stations can certainly attract listeners. But, what about advertisers? Paul Weyland has some great ideas on how to increase the number of appointments your AEs and sales pros can snag with local decisionmakers -- and close the deal the GM has been dreaming of. Hear what he has to say in the latest Hispanic Radio Podcast, hosted by RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.

Attracting local advertisers to traditional media is harder than ever, thanks to the growth of digital media solutions. How can radio stations, in particular those targeting Hispanic consumers, win over some of those advertisers with its own digital offerings? That's exactly what Armando Guerrero, of digital ad agency Ntooitive, discusses in this all-new Hispanic Radio Podcast with host Adam R Jacobson.

Entravision Communications Corporation announced it has entered an exclusive audio partnership with actress and ratings sensation Kate del Castillo and television personality Jessica Maldonado to produce and launch a weekly syndicated radio and podcast show.

Can a radio company with a deep heritage in English-language stations successfully bring Spanish-language radio stations into the mix, from a sales and revenue perspective? Beasley Media Group is doing just that in the Tampa-St. Petersburg market, we learn in this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast.


In this fresh Hispanic Radio Podcast, iHeartLatino head Enrique Santos serves up a plateful of insight and a peek inside how iHeart has taken on the Latin music lover and Spanish-language audio content consumer by speaking with Radio + Television Business Report Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.

What's stopping a radio station owner from taking the plunge and switching an underperforming AM or FM to Spanish-language programming? Talent is one big concern. How does one get great voices that can resonate with Latino audiences? This Hispanic Radio Podcast could yield the answer.

Elias Liberman’s radio career began in the late 1960s.  In 1975 the the three brothers, Elias, Julio and Jose along with their father purchased KLVE in Los Angeles and flipped the format to become the first Spanish-language FM in the city, and the second in the United States. Later the family purchased KTNQ in 1979.  

"Mega Nation" is a sales and ratings success. The radio network serving the Philadelphia DMA also recently went viral thanks to its Spanish-language play-by-play of a historic Philadelphia Eagles win. What can you learn from what's going on in the Delaware Valley? This podcast could give you some great ideas.

Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc.announced the appointment of Victor Roque as Vice President, General Manager of the Puerto Rico market, La Mega 106.9FM, La Nueva 94FM, Zeta 93FM, Play 96.5FM, LaMusica App and MegaTV

Media consumption trends show U.S. Hispanics are first adopters when it comes to hot new tech. How can broadcasters that wish to target these consumers best invest in the tech tools and advancements that will help leverage their brands, and extend them in ways that will ensure continued relevancy in the years ahead? That's the topic of conversation in this fresh Hispanic Radio Podcast.

Entravision Communications Corporation announced radio format and programming changes in the Albuquerque market with the launch of La Suavecita on KRZY 105.9 FM, effective immediately.