What do President Bush and President Obama have in common?

They understand and get it when it comes to us.

I think the US Tennis Association (USTA) may need to begin channeling that famous ABC Sports tagline: "the thrill of victory and

I'm sorry, but it appears that this is the message that the New York Women in Communications (NYWIC) is sending with their 2009 Matrix Awards luncheon on April 27 in New York City.  There are no Latinas being

     As our Hispanic market gains visibility and strategic importance clients are stepping up their game, becoming smarter and interested in what makes our consumers tick.

    Just like probably everyone in our industry I have been watching the current NBC News Nightly News series this week on Hispanics in America titled "We the People," however I want to call your attention to a web

   After reviewing our travel and entertainment budget for 2009 to attend NATIONAL events.  We have decided to share our “Must-Attend List” of NATIONAL - US Hispanic Advertising, Marketing & Media focused events tha

   As the ever poignant Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts put it best in his Wednesday Nov. 5th article, 'We' are finally part of `We the People'.

    Like most of you, I am glad that the Presidential elections are behind us. It was the longest road to the Whitehouse in modern times. And with 24/7 coverage, it made 22 months seem like 22 years.

I've often said that there are really only a handful of companies that truly get multicultural marketing, and State Farm is one of them.  It is not surprising that these few companie

     There’s an old saying about television ratings: You can’t fall off the floor.
But with her CBS Evening News ratings at abysmally low levels, Katie Couric and crew have proven that their ethics can.