July 20, 2002

Research by Knowledge Networks/SRI shows that big-ticket products and professionals - from doctors to lawyers to automobiles – account for more than half of the 10 most-used YP section headings.

YP users referred to the Physicians and Surgeons section heading more than 1.1 billion times in 2001 – second only to the “Restaurant” heading, which received more than 1.2 billion “hits.” (See table 1 below.)

Other high-end headings that made the top 10 were: #4: Automobile Repairing & Service; #6: Automobile Dealers – New & Used; #7: Attorneys/Lawyers; #9: Hospitals; and #10: Dentists.

A look at the Top 50 YP headings shows that consumers also frequently use Yellow Pages directories to locate insurance companies (#11), banks (#14), airlines (#18), hotels (#19), and real estate brokers (#23).

Demographic profiles from KN/SRI show that Yellow Pages users are most likely to be in the highest income brackets, with weekly YP use recorded by 64% of consumers from households earning $60,000 or more per year. (See table 2 below.)

Almost two-thirds (63%) of managers/professionals refer to the Yellow Pages in an average week; the figure for technical/administrative support personnel is 66 percent.

Past-week Yellow Pages use is about 50% higher among those who have traveled in the past year (62%) compared to those who have not (43%). And use is highest in households with the most members – 62% for those in 5+-person households, versus 48% in one-family homes.

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