December 01, 1998


Hispanics look to Galavisión to stay connected to events happening around the world with round-the-clock newscasts delivered by some of the world’s most trusted anchors. Live breaking news throughout the day, Monday through Friday, with “Primero Noticias” (News First), “Noticiero con Lolita Ayala” (The News with Lolita Ayala), “Noticiero con Paola Rojas” (The News with Paola Rojas), “Las Noticias por Adela” (The News by Adela), “Noticiero con Joaquín López-Dóriga” (The News with Joaquín López-Dóriga), with updates on the weekend with “Noticiero con Alejandro Cacho” (The News with Alejandro Cacho), and more in-depth coverage in newsmagazines, “Los Reporteros” (The Reporters) and “En Portada” (On the Front Page).

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