February 21, 2001

TV Ñ is the name of a television program in English for young Latinos that will begin airing nationally at the end of the year. The program, whose title has references to Ñ (the unique letter in the Spanish language pronounced "enye"), debuted on W*USA Channel 9 (CBS) in the Washington, DC area and will air in other major markets in the United States.

With TV Ñ, MAYA Advertising & Communications and Ventana Productions aim to fill one of the biggest voids in television in the United States: the lack of programming in English designed for young Latinos. "More than 50% of Latinos living in the United States speak English as their first language, which suggests TV producers, television stations and sponsors should support English programs tailored to young Hispanics," said Luis Vasquez-Ajmac, president of MAYA.

Indeed, the timing is especially appropriate to launch TV Ñ. In addition to the success of Latino artists and musicians in the mainstream, the Census Bureau has now informed the public that U.S. Hispanics are 35.5 million strong, nearly outpacing African Americans as the major ethnic minority in the United States.

Also, studies show that young Hispanics born in the United States are one of the fastest growing sectors demographically. If this demographic trend continues, 90% of Hispanics will be born in the United States in 2100.

"Television networks, affiliates and advertisers are encouraged to see the potential in the newest demographic trends. If they want to attract Latinos solely in Spanish, they are losing the future," said Luis Vasquez-Ajmac. "Young Hispanics excluded by television are not only the consumers of tomorrow, they are already an important market with a purchasing power of $10 billion."

The program will be shot in several locations including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and Washington, DC.

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