March 11, 2001

Hispanic Television Network, Inc. (HTVN) announced that it has increased its distribution base with the addition of three broadcast stations in the Southwestern United States.

The three additions include two LMA's (Local Management Agreement) and one Affiliate. The two LMA's include Sacramento, California (KBTV) and San Antonio, Texas (K31EX). Also added to HTVN's distribution is Springdale, Ark. (K20CT) which lies in the Fort Smith-Fayetteville-Springdale DMA (Designated Market Area).

The increased distribution is important for HTVN as it focuses more on local advertising revenue. The company expects an immediate increase in revenue as a result of these transactions. Michael Fletcher, chief operating officer for HTVN commented, "Our company is acutely tuned to attracting advertising and sponsorship revenue. We understand the opportunities and the challenges in building a network and these stations provide very marketable signals."

Neal Metersky, HTVN vice president of broadcast operations stated, "The benefit of the addition of these stations is exemplified by K31 in San Antonio which provides excellent signal coverage to the major population centers of the San Antonio DMA." Luis Estrada, vice president of production and programming acquisition noted, "HTVN is extremely proud to offer its Mexican heritage programming to a larger Hispanic audience in San Antonio, Sacramento, and in Arkansas as more Hispanics migrate to new U.S. regions."

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