September 08, 2008

US Hispanic teens aged 12-17 represent 2.5 million subscribers, according to MultiMedia Intelligence. This is an increasingly important segment of wireless consumers, with a subscriber growth rate of two to three times that of overall US teen market over the next 5 years.

"Teens overall are a critical wireless market segment, as initial subscriber and handset relationships can establish life-long purchasing patterns" according to Frank Dickson, Chief Research Officer for MultiMedia Intelligence. "Within the teen segment, Hispanic teens have unique wireless usage characteristics. "Key findings regarding Hispanic teen wireless subscribers include:

* Hispanic Teens represent 16% of the overall US Teen market.
* By the age of 15, penetration of wireless services among US Hispanic teens is 64% - by the age of 17, the penetration rate rises to 78%.
* The US Hispanic teen is much more likely to use advanced telephony functions than other US teens, but less likely to use their camera phone.
* Like the broader US teen market, Hispanic teens ask their phones to do more, from text messaging to purchasing content and feature a higher overall Average Revenue per User (ARPU).

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