July 06, 2002

Linda Gonzalez, founder and president of Viva announced that Ramon Martinez, former editor of MAXIM En Español, has been named the new Senior Creative Director for Viva Partnership in Miami.

The position at Viva is a “homecoming” of sorts for Mr. Martinez, an award winning copywriter who was the Associate Creative Director at Viva from July 2000 to April 2001, before taking the helm at MAXIM. In six months at MAXIM, the 50,000-issue publication grew into a 225,000- issue powerhouse, distributed in 15 countries. A five-fold rate of growth in six months.

“Once my goals at MAXIM were accomplished,” says Mr. Martinez, “It was time to move on. I thrive on increasingly tougher, broader challenges on a daily basis, and Viva provides the most exciting environment I know for stimulating creative. “

For Viva, bringing Mr. Martinez back onboard positions the firm for continued strategic expansion to meet the needs of a client base that has doubled over the past nine months.

“Ramon is precisely the right person to lead our creative at this vital stage of growth,” according to Ms. Gonzalez. “He’s willing to take risks to keep our thinking on the leading edge. His experience and perspective combined with his spontaneity and creative energy will help move our firm to the next level.”

Before MAXIM, Mr. Martinez held the position of Associate Creative Director with Castor Advertising. His account credits include General Motors, Budweiser and Bacardi. Prior to that, he was Associate Creative Director at Viva working on Avianca, Iomega, OKI, Motorola, Verizon Wireless and Vignette.

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