May 19, 2002

Lápiz, a Chicago-based Hispanic marketing agency and part of Bcom3 Group's Pangea, recently took first prize and three of the top four awards out of nearly 50 entries at the Círculo Creativo Awards. As a reward, the winning creative team of VP/Creative Director Eduardo Bono and Associate Creative Director Eduardo Tua are packing their bags for an all-expense paid trip to the 49th International Advertising Festival at Cannes, thanks to event sponsor Palomar Pictures.

Hosted by Hispanic advertising organization Círculo Creativo, the contest tasked all entrants to develop a low-budget awareness campaign targeting Hispanics for Childhelp USA, a non-profit group dedicated to abused and neglected children.

Judged by top creatives at five high-profile Latin American, Spanish, and Portuguese ad agencies, Bono and Tua split the winning campaign, "Caritas," into two phases. The first portion utilizes a simple sidewalk chalk method, creating a hop-scotch mimicking message to make people aware of child abuse. It is an effective and easy way of getting into neighborhoods.

The second phase of the campaign involves attaching cards to household store products such as baseball bats, belts, and brooms that are often used as tools in child abuse. The card's straightforward but powerful message is: "This product is not for you to abuse your children / 1-800-4-A-CHILD / Childhelp USA."

Third place went to Lápiz's Gaston Gorali and Armando Zubieta. Bono and Tua also took home fourth for a separate entry.


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