May 03, 2002

HeadQuarters Advertising has launched the California Beef Council’s first outdoor campaign focusing on Los Angeles’ Hispanic community.

The “Rompe la rutina” campaign, composed of two creative executions, “No ignores tu deseo carnal” (Don’t ignore your carnal desire) and “Piensa con el estómago” (Think with your stomach), will be posted on 30-sheet billboards throughout Los Angeles’ Hispanic communities starting this week. The campaign will rotate these two messages through December, 2002.

In addition to the outdoor component of the campaign, HeadQuarters is working with Columbus Communications on specific product offerings and promotions with local retail outlets in Los Angeles. These efforts are planned to draw in consumers through targeted communications and promotional opportunities. Additional media support, in the form of TV and radio remotes, will be given to these promotions during Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July and other summer holidays.

Horacio Gomes, President and CEO of HeadQuarters Advertising, has personally overseen the creative on this campaign. “By creating a strong bond between Hispanics, their culture and beef, this campaign will work towards making beef Hispanics’ preferred meat,” Gomes remarks.

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