June 22, 2002

Casanova Pendrill recently launched a new campaign for the DirecTV Para Todos service focusing on the power of DirecTV Para Todos programming to connect consumers to a new world of entertainment via their satellite television.

Two :30 TV spots, “Vaqueros” and “Ballet” as well as “Worried”, a :60 radio spot, were developed as part of the campaign. The TV spots effectively use humor to show consumers being “pursued by their worries” (an innovative creative device that actually personifies the problems and doubts that consumers experience during their hectic days). Upon arriving home, consumers turn on their DirecTV Para Todos service and the programming literally comes to life to attack the worries and transport the consumer into an exciting world full of a wide variety of programming options.

The radio spot features the “most worried man in the universe” who, before watching the DirecTV Para Todos service, doesn’t even want to get close to the microphone because he’s worried about possible electrocution.

The campaign was conceived as the result of extensive consumer research and a desire from DirecTV to better understand and communicate the relationship consumers have with the brand and their in-home entertainment. The tagline for the campaign is: “DirecTV Para Todos, Conectate a otro Mundo (“Connect yourself to another world”).

“It’s a two-part proposition,” said Elías Weinstock, Sr. V.P., Creative Director of Casanova Pendrill. “In these spots we capture not only the feeling of being chased by the nagging worries of everyday life, but also the relief of being transported to a better, more entertaining place.”

The campaign was developed by Juan Oubiña, Senior Copywriter, and Elías Weinstock and was produced by Pilar Matallana, Agency Producer. The two spots were directed by Enrique Begne from 4 ½. The new campaign appears on Univision, Telemundo, Telefutura, Fox Sports World and Galavision networks.

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