January 26, 2001

Enlace Communications has produced a new ad campaign featuring a "devilish" little-Jack tempting Jack in the latest spot promoting the Jack in the Box Chicken Breast Pieces with Frank's Hot Buffalo Dipping Sauce. The TV spots will air on Spanish-language television beginning February 26, 2001, announced Rochelle Newman-Carrasco, President and Principal, Enlace Communications.

The television campaign entitled, "El Diablito" (the little devil), promotes the new Jack in the Box Chicken Breast Pieces with Frank's Hot Buffalo Dipping Sauce. Jack encounters the evils of temptation in the form of a little devil Jack that pops onto Jack's shoulder as he rides in an elevator. He tells Jack that offering customers free hot sauce with the Chicken Breast Pieces is too good of a deal. Jack counters that he¹d rather treat customers well by offering more choices. When the little devil insinuates that he is being duped, Jack flicks him off his shoulder and sends him into
a "hellish" fate.

"In this spot we see Jack as an edgier guy than in previous ad campaigns, " said Isabel Kilroe, Chief Creative Officer and Principal of Enlace Communications. "As the Jack in the Box brand continues to mature in this market, we explore different sides of Jack's personality and character. This devilish dark side of Jack's personality shows that he could possibly fall into temptation. But when it comes to his customers, goodness and the quality of his food will always prevail."

The ad campaign is scheduled to run beginning on February 26 in selected Western-State markets. This "El Diablito" spot is the first in a series of four spots that will debut throughout the year.

The Jack in the Box "El Diablito" ad campaign was produced by the Enlace Communications creative team of Isabel Kilroe, creative director; Eliana Deza, producer; Camilo Bernal, associate creative director; Esther Mendoza, senior copy writer; Stanley, director; produced by Colibri Films.

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