February 27, 2010

Looking at my 2010 t&e budget and the special events and/or conferences we will be attending in 2010 that were approved by our CFO, once again we have decided to post them ......

New York TV Upfronts - Mid-May 2010 in New York City.

Univision came out of the gate first with their 2010 Upront on Thursday May 20, 2010.  We have not heard from the other TV Networks on their events yet.  Remember the Upfront events are by invitation only.

Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) Annual Conference - October 6 - 8, 2010 in Miami, FL.

This is the first time AHAA has decided to go to one big annual conference this year.  It promises to be all encompassing, content centric, great networking and for vendors a target rich environment.  Creative, Account Planning, Media Planning and much more all in one event.  For information CLICK HERE.

Geoscape Multicultural Market Intelligence Summit -  October 27 -29, 2010 in Miami, FL.

Geoscape brings together top marketers and the environment is very conducive for networking.  For information CLICK HERE.

Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Multicultural & Diversity Conference - November 7 - 9 , 2010 in Miami, FL.

Well worth the investment in time and money.  For information CLICK HERE.

The Texas Upfront -  Fall 2010 in San Antonio, TX.

The San Antonio American Marketing Association puts this mini-upfront together for the Great State of Texas.  For those that don’t make the trip to NYC, enjoy ... Ajua!   For information CLICK HERE.

Adding to my list for the first time are:

SuperSchool Weekend - March 5 - 7, 2010 in Miami, FL. 

Creative, Creative, Creative and more creatives talking 'creative strategies' in the US Hispanic & LatAM markets.  For information CLICK HERE.

New Generation Latino Consortium (NGLC) - April 5, 2010 in New York City.

The NGLC conferences were an important educational platform several years back in helping establish a front for media focused on reaching younger, bi-cultural, bi-lingual and media savvy Hispanic consumers.  David Chittel has brought back his conference and promises to offer new insights to continue exploring the strategies and alternatives in reaching this elusive Hispanic consumer segment.   For information CLICK HERE.

Hispanic PR & Social Marketing Conference - May 10 - 12, 2010 in Dallas, TX.

We have added this conference even though it is the first year for this conference in our Industry, for one simple reason.  It is geared around a very important discipline in our industry, Public Relations.    For information CLICK HERE.

El Ojo de Iberoamérica - November 22- 24, 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you like hanging our with the Top Creative Gurus in Latin America and enjoy Buenos Aires.  We recommend going to this event.   For information CLICK HERE.

So that’s my list for 2010.  We have added several events, since we believe that we need to stimulate the industry and attend events that show the viability of our Industries.

What’s your?

Gene Bryan


Thanks for the list. It's interesting to see where people plan to go. I think we met last fall in Miami at the Geoscape Multicultural conference. Hope life is good. Saludos, RA

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