October 25, 2011

  I recently read an article in another of the Latin American Market focused trade journals that interviewed a US Hispanic Marketing Director at the client level and two mayor New York Hispanic Agency based Media Planning Executives with most of their experience in mainstream advertising and Latin America respectively to give their opinions about the US Hispanic Market. All three were asked three questions, but the answers to the following question” What will be the strongest type of media in 2012  (e.g. print, digital, TV, radio, outdoor etc)?"  intrigued me. I immediately came up with my list, but obviously is did not correlate with theirs completely.

  • Two out of three mentioned TV
  • Three out of three mentioned Digital
  • One out of three only mentioned Digital

Yes, TV is the big player in our business.  We all know that. Digital is an important and growing segment of our Industry and is earning their rightful place in the media mix.  We all know that. But the actual exclusion of other media that by far earned respectably more ad dollars and offer signingficant consumers were not even mentioned. What would your picks be and why? Gene Bryan - CEO HispanicAd.com


John got it dead on. Strongest media for what and measured how? Strongest in sheer sales? Probably television will continue to be the dominant sales figure in the Hispanic market for many years to come. The other media don't really measure up to TV. Strongest in young audiences? Probably online Strongest in young, blue-collar farm workers? Mobile? Strongest for selling toothpaste? Television? It seems like a meaningless question without context. It all depends on what product you are selling and to whom, I think.

Good question to ask. As a direct response professional that focuses on Hispanic, I always get asked that same question and my answer has remained unchanged. TV will remain strongest until Latino usage on line increases to at least 75%, of course this depends on the product being sold. Print remains the weakest to date for DR and has not shown any real growth. Since DR has become one of the most valuable marketing tools in the current economy, we use it to sell products to the largest segment of the market.

Interesting question. Strange answers. And perhaps there is no ONE strongest media type for 2012. From our perspective, the response is that the strongest COMBINATION of media is the one that best addrresses your specific objectives. We no longer live in a one or two media world. Each channel plays a distinctive role and our planning should reflect that. It is kind of like saying who is the favorite member of your family?

Of course that I am going to be bias, but I am going to say newspapers. With newspapers I can make informed purchasing decisions, I can take several tear sheets and put them in front of me while making price comparison, benefits/advantage of one product versus another, etc, etc. With Digital media, many factors come into play. Very limited information on the ads, Internet up, Internet down (out of your control)- While I thnk that Digital media will continue to be a growing segment of our industry, I firmly believe that newspaper advertising will never go away.

Com dice el Sr. Orci, there is not a silver bullet. The combination of media venues is important for the effectiveness of the campaign. BTW I am the favorite of my family.

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