Good news.

Looking at my 2010 t&e budget and the special events and/or conferences we will be attending in 2010 that were approved by our CFO, once again we have decided to post them ......

On the TV screen that is.  And it only cost him $80.  And he doesn't work for an ad agency.

Those of you who are familiar with my rants will recall a similar post last year.  But seriously folks, something is very wrong with the white female-dominated New York-based Women in Communications (

You gotta love this.  A few years ago Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor got Major League Baseball to say Uncle.  Now, another wise Latina, Congressman Linda Sanchez of California did the same to the NFL. 

There's no doubt, as was pointed out in a recent analysis of Hispanic news stories, that a Puerto Rican was the Hispanic highlight of 2009--Sonia Sotomayor.  But if we can point to one Latin nationality that has

   What do President Bush and President Obama have in common?

They understand and get it when it comes to us.

I think the US Tennis Association (USTA) may need to begin channeling that famous ABC Sports tagline: "the thrill of victory and

I'm sorry, but it appears that this is the message that the New York Women in Communications (NYWIC) is sending with their 2009 Matrix Awards luncheon on April 27 in New York City.  There are no Latinas being

   After reviewing our travel and entertainment budget for 2009 to attend NATIONAL events.  We have decided to share our “Must-Attend List” of NATIONAL - US Hispanic Advertising, Marketing & Media focused events tha

I've often said that there are really only a handful of companies that truly get multicultural marketing, and State Farm is one of them.  It is not surprising that these few companie

It's not every day that Univision undertakes major collaborations for special events, and the upcoming "Premios Deportes" i

It seems to be getting tougher to crack the Hispanic space these days but if you're going to do it then do it big and do it RIGHT.  MySpace Latino's launch concert on April 11 in Miami is a great example.