May 07, 2019

Today’s generation of Latinos in the U.S. are noticeably expressive, straightforward and determined – just like the all-new Corolla sedan. They embrace their heritage and show it to the world. The commercial titled “WE”, directed by David Vergés, captures how this empowered generation is standing out and leaving its mark throughout society.

The campaign developed by Conill, Toyota’s Hispanic marketing agency, embraces Latino culture and the free spirit of a new generation in the U.S. by including several special elements in the “WE” spot for the launch of the all-new 2020 Toyota Corolla sedan.

  •     Adding cultural depth through his voice over for the spot is Mexican actor, director and producer, Diego Luna;
  •     L.A. based fashion designer, Brenda Equihua, added a distinctive touch to the wardrobe worn in a scene of the spot featuring a well-known and fondly owned item found in many Mexican households converting it into a celebration of individuality and inclusivity;
  •     Mexican graphic designer and artist residing in Brooklyn, NY, Ricardo Gonzalez, better known as IT’S A LIVING, created a distinct mural utilizing his lettering technique that has been seen around the world, where his art on walls become social objects.  Más Loud – featured in “WE” – speaks to a generation that isn’t afraid to be heard, loud and clear.


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