August 07, 2020

The WGAW’s Inclusion and Equity Group has released its third Inclusion Report to call attention to the lack of inclusion and equity in the entertainment industry, providing detailed data on the status of writers from historically underrepresented groups.

This year’s Inclusion Report expands significantly on the information provided in previous reports. In addition to up-to-date data on the 2019–2020 TV season, it includes data on the motion picture industry, documenting experiences of screenwriters from underrepresented groups. It also includes an examination of credits received by writers from underrepresented groups and an evaluation of how various studios compare in the inclusive hiring of writers.

Findings from an analysis of the data include:

  •     Writers from underrepresented groups have made some gains. In TV, women and people of color held 5% more jobs than in the previous year. In motion pictures, women gained 4% and people of color gained 2%.
  •     In spite of this progress, systemic discrimination against writers from underrepresented groups remains pervasive in the entertainment industry.

“At a painful time in our nation’s history, we must be determined to put an end to practices, policies, and systems that prevent any one group from progress,” said WGAW Director of Inclusion and Equity Tery Lopez.

The WGAW urges all studios, showrunners, producers, executives, agents, and managers to use the information provided in this report to adjust their business practices to work toward solutions. The report’s conclusions also underscore the urgency of the Guild’s proposals to the AMPTP on furthering inclusion and equity.

To download report, CLICK HERE.




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