May 01, 2018

Miami-based independent marketing communications firm CCOM Group announced the rebranding of its business to represent the fluent and ‘always-on’ nature of today’s culture and the agency’s relentless effort to help clients authentically navigate this new and evolved space.

The rebrand strategy, which was led by the firm’s in-house team, encompasses a new logo, tagline and visual identity that reflects the company’s ethos and personality of encouraging its employees and clients to be part of the conversation. The tagline is a combination of “WELCOME TO THE” in a minimalistic style, while “conversation” is presented in a handwritten style representing fluidity and naturalness.

“We’re thrilled to announce a rebranding that reflects our enhanced and refined approach to a new era of hyper-connectivity and fragmented consumer identities that is driving brands to rethink the way they connect with their target audience”, said Manuel Machado, Co-Chairman of CCOM Group. “This new chapter elevates our commitment to deliver best-in-class solutions amidst a new communication landscape that requires true cultural competency and understanding.”

At the core of the agency’s rebranding is a heightened focus on delivering conversations, cultural relevancy and fluency for its clients. Headquartered in Miami, CCOM Group specializes in developing and executing strategic solutions in a variety of disciplines including media relations, financial communications, thought leadership, crisis and reputation management, social media and digital marketing.

Luis Gonzalez, Founder and Co-Chairman of CCOM Group added, “For more than 17 years we’ve delivered fast-to-market solutions that are relevant and meaningful for our clients and this vision to be an exceptional communication partner remains the same. What has changed is how we deliver on that vision. We believe that brands that succeed find a way to become an organic part of cultures and the only way to do this is by becoming a natural part of the conversations that drive cultures.” 

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